House music producer and DJ, Prince Kaybee’s forthcoming third studio album, Re Mmino, has allegedly been held back as a result of the ongoing drama between him and TNS.

This according to TNS, who told fans this week that Kaybee’s album would not be seeing the time of day anytime soon.

This is because he has pulled nine of the songs which he produced for him over a nasty copyright battle that has ensued between the two musicians.

“By the way, tell the country that your album release is on hold because I took 9 of my songs which were on your album which I produced,” he said.


TNS also has claimed, in a statement on his social media pages, that what Kaybee has paid him doesn’t even amount to R40K and yet the two hits he created have generated around half a million rand.

TNS is therefore taking Kaybee to court in a bid to have the law deem him the rightful owner of hit songs, Club Controller and Banomoya.

“I carried you through 2018 with 2 big songs and that’s how you thank me? Yes, one is suspended because of disputes but you made money from them for yourself. I protected you when you were being attacked for Club Controller, I became loyal to you and stood by your side yet you failed to be loyal to me with what is due to me,” he went on in the statement.

It is TNS’ argument that he solely made these songs and yet he has been sidelined by Kaybee who refuses to acknowledge him as the rightful owner or even pay him his due.


If these allegations are factual, this would mean that the album, which was mean to come out soon, will no longer be coming out as it is now incomplete without TNS’s music on it.

“I haven’t even received a cent. When I told him I was broke, he said ‘who asked you that?” TNS said on Metro FM’s afternoon drive show with Mo Flava and Masechaba this week.

“I didn’t deserve to be treated this way. But I need my money [because] he even took back the car and everything [else]. Every time we would have an argument he would say I did this and this and this for you, always,” he continued.