The feud between local musicians vs Lars Behrenroth seems to be continuing into yet another weekend.

South African musicians and music fans alike are infuriated over Lars’s comments about Pretoria’s distinctive Amapiano sound.

The German-born/American-based DJ and producer rubbed Mzansi up the wrong way when he called the genre a “snoozefest” prompting a slew of artists to clap back.

Renowned House music producer and DJ, who arguably had the biggest song of 2018, Prince Kaybee has now joined in on the bashing.


Although the Banomoya hit-maker kept his comments general and didn’t mention Lars, it is quite obvious what he was talking about.

In fact forget Lars, Prince shaded all white DJs.

“South Africans shouldn’t let Caucasian house music DJs talk bad about a proudly black-pioneered sound like Amapiano. PROTECT WHATS YOURS, with this mentality we are far from exporting music,” he said.

He carried on with the shade in another tweet, basically telling Lars to take a stadium full of seats.

“And by the way no one is forcing “Amapiano” down your throat. These are Black Children trying to eat bro, Let them shine!! If you don’t like it shut up and move on, don’t say anything negative to try and slow down the growth of a proudly South African genre,” he said.


Meanwhile, Lars has felt the brunt of the fire and has changed his “this is my opinion and I’m unapologetic about it” tune, issuing an apology to all South Africans.

“I’d like to apologize to everyone who felt hurt or disappointed by my tweet. It was never my intention to discourage or diss anyone. I tried to create a funny tweet carrying my opinion about which I had been asked by many fans over the past year & many of you got upset. SORRY,” he said.

Prince (real name Kabelo Motsamai) was clearly not here for the apology and continued shady the DJ.

“Black Kids are trying to eat you comment negative about their bread. I always say when you think about a negative opinion, few seconds before u voice it out, the positive you objects and you dismissed that positive flame and fueled the negative one! #AMAPIANO_FOREVER,” he responded to the apology.