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'Our idol was robbed!'

FOR MOST Idols fans it was a night of celebration, as Karabo got most of the 79 million votes. 
But for those who were hoping for Mmatema to win, it was a night of tears. 

Almost from the moment Karabo Mogane (22) from Mpumalanga was crowned the winner of the 2015 Idols SA on Sunday night, the fight started on social media.

Mmatema Moremi’s supporters started a Twitter battle, many claiming that women didn’t give the 23-year-old runner-up enough support.

In Mmatema’s home town of Zebediela, Limpopo, many supporters gathered at Ga-Andy to celebrate the victory they were convinced was hers.

But then came the announcement. Some crowd members shed tears, while others held their heads in their hands. 
Sara Tlomatsana, Mmatema’s 61-year-old gogo, said it was sad because her granddaughter had worked very hard, but she was still hopeful. 

“Her music career looks very bright. I will keep on supporting her,” said the gogo. Lovey Modiba, who lives in Zebediela, couldn’t hold back her tears. “I was confident that Mmatema would win. We did all we could to make people in the community understand that voting for her would put our village on the map,” she said. 

Koki Mapheto said: “We volunteered as a team in Lebowakgomo and did what we could to influence people to vote. We accept that Karabo won but we will keep on supporting Mmatema in her music career.”

Karabo told Daily Sun he felt on top of the world. “Winning Idols was always a big dream for me. It is a true blessing from God,” he said. “Winning the Ford Fiesta is truly a dream come true. It is the first car I’ve ever owned.”

Lani Lombard of M-Net said this year’s Idols attracted more votes and social media commentary than ever before.  “It’s understandable that people are disappointed when the outcome is different from what they wanted,” said Lombard.  “All the voting figures and percentages will be made public a week after the IdolsSA final, as has been the case during previous IdolsSA seasons. The winner is determined by the voting public.”

These are some of the tweets from Mmatema’s supporters:

Producer and DJ, Cleo, who pushed Mmatema and produced her song Because Of You. tweeted: “Sometimes God does not give you what you want because his plans for you are bigger than the small plate you have.”

Actress and choreographer Khabonina tweeted: “Ok plz tell me again why Mmatema is not being crowned NOW?! She’s THE SOMETHING . . . a WINNER!”

Presenter Bujy Bikwa tweeted: “Even if Mmatema didn’t win I know she is going to do well. It’s sad some females denied her the opportunity.”

@ShottaZee tweeted: “Tears rolling down my cheeks. My six-month-old niece staring at me. She’ll understand when she’s grown that she can’t win IdolsSA as a girl.”

@kzrP tweeted: “I will not pretend like i’m not disappointed, especially as I voted 100 times.”

@Mdudemeister tweeted: “IdolsSA should be glad Mmatema isn’t from TUT. All hell was gonna break loose at Carnival City when Karabo was crowned.”

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