When actress Nomzamo Mbatha posed for a picture with Kwaito star Arthur Mafokate at the ANC Manifesto launch in Durban over the weekend, she had no idea what it would lead to.

When the picture surfaced on social media, fans had a go at Nomzamo appalled that she would take a picture with a “woman beater.”

Arthur was accused of assault in 2017 by former girlfriend singer Cici after an altercation between the couple turned violent.

The case is still ongoing at the Midrand Magistrates Court with Cici taking the stand to testify in August.

Nomzamo’s status as an activist was again called into question on social media with fuming fans making their disapproval clear.

Nomzamo, who was the host at the ANC Manifesto launch, responded to the criticism saying she was not thinking straight when she posed for the picture with Arthur.“

I’m cringing with you. I was walking past, post the concert and looking for my manager when he greeted and whipped out his phone for a picture. Being polite I absent ‘mindedly’ obliged. I’m definitely not a fan and I’m sorry I wasn’t present enough to say “Fu*k off, no thanks,” she replied on social media.

The ANC have since distanced themselves from Arthur, saying while they have supported him in the past, reports of his alleged abuse go against their values and policies.

The party also apologised to Nomzamo and said they have full confidence in her activism.