HIS career in show business spans for over two decades and he is still going strong.

Having gone through financial difficulties of his won in the cut-throat industry, actor and television personality Nimrod Nkosi advises young people entering show business to be smart with their money and save, because “fame and looks don’t last forever”.

Speaking to Sun Buzz, the star said young people need to make wise financial decisions, because there are no guarantees in the business.

“I’m an entertainer and I need money to work for me. I have accepted my lot in life and I don’t live beyond my means,” the seasoned entertainer said. He said while there are people flocking into the industry, they needed to be aware of the financial pitfalls that are in the industry, because they are entering an industry that sells an illusion and instant fame. Said Nimrod.

“They want to be rich on social media, but they are broke in real life.  They overspend, because of how easy the money they make comes. Yes, a lot of money can be made in the industry, but every penny needs to be saved”. However, the star said it’s all doom and gloom, because there is always an opportunity to change and be financially savvy. “There’s always a chance to self-correct have financial freedom. I emphasized that financial education is important, so that entertainers don’t die as paupers,” he said.