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FORMER gangster Israel Makoe said jail was for beautiful people.

He said this was because they were lazy.

“They have pride and do not want to work,” said the actor, who is famously known as Ma Orange. He said beautiful people are choosey.

“Just because someone is handsome, they won’t agree to work for the municipality and collect rubbish. Another handsome cheese boy won’t agree to dig the road,” he said.

Israel said by not taking these opportunities, people became unemployed and ended up finding illegal means to earn money.

“That’s when they start hijacking, selling drugs, stealing and doing all sorts of crime. But they are eventually caught and sent to jail.”

Israel said a gorgeous woman would never sell fruit and vegetables at a street corner.

“She will never start a business selling kotas. She thinks she is too good for that and by doing so, she will be broke until she thinks of crime.”

He said that’s where slay queens came from.

“I’ve never seen an ugly slay queen. They are all beautiful. It is because they don’t want to work, but want nice things,” he said.

Israel advised beautiful people to swallow their pride.

“Being beautiful does not pay the bills. Start seeing yourself like everyone else.”

But he said this was nothing new.

“The Bible tells us that Lucifer was the most handsome angel in Heaven. Seeing that he was handsome and loved, he started to be full of himself and that brought him trouble,” he said.

He told Daily Sun he learned this lesson a long time ago when he was arrested.

“I was also one of the handsome boys ekasi and that got into my mind.

“I found myself on the wrong side of the law and was arrested. I found a lot of handsome boys like me in prison and that made me think thoroughly.”

He said while beautiful people were full of pride, others were working hard.

“They are starting businesses and getting married. Life is progressing for them,” he said.

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