9 months ago
Actress, Mona Skenjana says her friend was drugged and kidnapped at Moloko night club.  ~ 

“Boycott Moloko!” These are the words of local actress, Mona Skenjana after her friend was allegedly drugged by a waitress at the club.

According to Mona, a night out with the girls turned very sour when one of her friends was apparently drugged by a waitress at the establishment and then kidnapped and held against her will in an apartment.

The alleged incident took place at Moloko night club in Hatfield, Tshwane.

“My friend could've been gang raped or murdered they wouldn't let her out the apartment she literally had a nervous breakdown screaming & crying and that's when they released her,” Mona ranted this week on Twitter.

The waitress had allegedly offered all of them shots on the night but the friend was the only one who accepted the shot.

Although there weren’t much details on the state of the friend, Mona did say that the friend wasn’t sure how she would like to proceed with the matter.

“There are men in the club who are hunting girls. Protect yourselves, don't accept drinks, travel in groups. Be AWARE. These men won't stop. I'm so shaken,” she said.

“She can't remember what the 3 Nigerian men looked like who led her from the club,” she continued.

Meanwhile, the club has released a statement on the matter, saying that they are “surprised and completely shocked by the allegations of human trafficking activities purported to be taking place at Moloko with the assistance of our stuff.

“We have accordingly engaged the assistance of the SAPS to investigate this matter further. We are attending to this as a matter of extreme urgency,” they said.

They have urged anyone who might have information that could be off assistance to contact them on the details below.

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