Actress Mona Skenjana has for the first time, opened up about the death of her second child.

The former Muvhango actress and her husband, Khulu Skenjana lost their second child, Amani-Amaza Wamazulu just days after she was born.

The couple had earlier been criticised on social media for falling pregnant so soon after the birth of their first child.


It was for that reason that Mona decided not to make the death of her second child public.

“I chose not to because my god, the pregnancy already was under so much criticism,” she revealed on YouTube talk show CWNH Hosted by Wendy.

“I found myself defending one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced, and that’s motherhood.

“And when seven days later my baby passes in my arms, I’m sitting there and I’m like ‘okay, what’s going on? So we are talking about spirituality and I am thinking, I am like, 'God, where are you? I don't know'. It was very sudden."

Mona said somehow she knew and she saw the signs but she could not be prepared for when it actually happened.

“This was an angel bringing a message and leaving, not necessarily staying but you deny it to yourself because you’re thinking maybe its postpartum depression, maybe its stress,” she added.

Mona and her husband Khulu already have a two year old daughter Ase-Ahadi Lesemole Mamphai Skenjana.