Media personality Masechaba Ndlovu is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The Metro FM DJ has received some criticism for the manner in which she conducted an interview with singer and rapper Anatii this past weekend.

Listeners were not impressed with one of Masechaba’s questions to the star and quickly took to social media to make their feelings known.

Anatii is currently promoting his new album, IYEZA, and fans felt questions should have been cantered around that.

Masechaba asked the Thixo Onofefe hit maker if he was an empath as she was picking up on his energy.

"You know why I'm asking,” she explained, “it's just, I've never really struggled with anxiety, but all the way from Cape Town down to J’oburg, I feel like I've been picking up on your energy because I feel weak now and my heart is pounding really, really fast and I have a stomach ache and I feel like I can't breathe and that's not me."

She also mentioned the fact that Anatii comes from royalty and many fans on social media suggested the incident made Anatii a little uncomfortable.

Tweeps went as far as calling Masechaba a bully claiming she "uses her platform to address issues not related to the subject," much like she did with that explosive Babes Wodumo Interview.


Masechaba received a lot of backlash for the way she handled that interview, with many feeling she ambushed Babes.