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Manaka Ranaka
Manaka Ranaka  ~ 

AS international R&B crooner R.Kelly continues to hog headlines for the alleged abuse of underage girls.

Generations: The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka shared her own personal experiences of being chased and stalked by a pedophile at the tender age of 6. 

Based on her own experience,  the actress also said that her instinct has always told her not to support R.Kelly’s music from when she was just a teenager, because she couldn’t support someone, who had married a child and she also saw the influence that the singer’s music had on one of her sisters.

She wrote: “We need not explain why. 1 woman too many. I'm glad my gut told me not to support his music when he married Aaliyah!!! I must have been 14 or so when I made a conscious decision to #Mute him. Didn't know it would get this bad. I saw what his music did to my one of my sisters. I couldn't love him as much as she did. After having experienced being chased and followed and stalked by a pedophile at the tender of 6 years, I just couldn't. I could not support a man who married a child... I still don't. I'm sad it took #AMERICA this long to see this monsters true colours.. Disclaimer: Any comment in support of this monstrous monster WILL be DELETED. #AngidlaliNjalo #HaKeBapale

There is currently a documentary Surviving R. Kelly, in which several young women, who claim to have been sexually abused by the star are recounting their experiences.

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