SHE’S a veteran actress whose passion is unmatched.

Linda Sebezo, who is
well-known for taking on any role, has joined Rhythm City.

She plays Dolly, a madam (a female pimp) who owns a block of flats.

Speaking about her new role, she told SunBuzz: “Dolly owns many businesses, thanks to her late hubby.

“She comes to the picture when down-and-out David Genaro approaches her looking for a job.

“Dolly is strong-willed and protective of her prostitutes and everything else she owns.

“She’s always protected by a bodyguard because of the kind of business she’s in. But she’s also able to fight her own battles.”

Dolly said Rhythm City has been one of her favourite sets to work on.

“I’ve noticed the director, producer and cast members are always on set when we’re shooting. That shows how seriously everyone takes their job. I get there well-prepared because I act alongside Jamie Bartlett, who is a veteran.

“We’ve only two shots to get a scene right. Most shows give you five takes – but not Rhythm City,” she said.

Linda hails from Rockville, Soweto, and started acting in the early 80s under the late playwright, Gibson Kente.

“He taught me everything there is to know and made me fall in love with theatre.

“Theatre is special to me. It allows me to explore so much in a character. That’s where I come to release all my energy,” she said.

Dolly is best known for her roles in Generations, Samsokolo, Zabalaza and countless stage productions.

Asked what she still wants to achieve, Dolly said: “I’m 52 and I’ve been an actress for more than 35 years.

“I feel like I need to share my talent with kids from rural areas free of charge.

“Gibson Kente taught me for free and I want to pay back going forward.

“I’d be grateful if I could get sponsorship to help me do this. That include travelling costs, a venue and food,” she said.
Catch Rhythm City on weekdays on at 7pm.