The gift of being a Sangoma brings a lot of changes to one’s life and to those of their loved ones.

Actress Lerato Mvelase can attest to that and she has shared how her calling affected her children when she first embraced it.

The 35 year-old who became a traditional healer a little over 3 years ago, shared how her children were affected by the process.

"My youngest was really struggling, my oldest one would not sleep because of what I was going through,” she said in an interview on Metro FM.

“She would kick and fight the whole night and tomorrow the poor child had to go to school. So I had to make her understand that it wasn’t just for me, but for them too."

The star said what was especially difficult for her kids was her absence when she had to go for her training.

"It was very hard on my kids. I mean my kids sleep with me, even today. So for them to wake up and mommy isn’t there....It was very hard for my kids after six months of me being away but kids are very understanding actually. We don’t give them enough credit."

Lerato has managed to remain at the peak of her career while still not neglecting her spiritual calling, a balance that not many are able to find.