KWESTA’s new album is going to blow people’s minds.

The rapper, whose real name is Senzo Vilakazi, calls himself Dakar, the king of African rap.

He’s seen as the top rapper in the country at the moment and says he means to prove it.

Kwesta said: “It has been one hell of a year for me but I will not allow the success to go to my head. I’m already back in studio hard at work.

“This year has been so good to me, I have decided to take it as a learning curve.

“I’m working on my latest project which is going to blow people’s minds.

“This time, I’m featuring a lot of international acts but it doesn’t mean I won’t be featuring local artists.

“I’ve put in so much work on this album that with this third instalment, I’m thinking of releasing a triple disc.

“I’m almost done with the album, which I plan to release next year.

“I have been working hard, even on the road, so fans can expect something really special but I also aim to release something this month for my fans.

“I will have a live element in my music.”

Kwesta’s also looking at setting the local hip hop scene on fire with the release of two new international collaborations.

He’s just announced he will be working with big international stars.

Spirit features US mega rap star Wale and will be followed by So Drunk, with Grammy-nominated rapper Rick Ross, Colombian reggaeton top singer Jose Balvin and Canadian Tory Lanez.

Next month will see Kwesta heading for the US to shoot music videos for these projects.