SHANGAAN disco king and TV personality Papa Penny recently paid Malwedhe hitmaker King Monada a special visit at his home in Bolobedu, Limpopo.

Papa Penny has been in the music industry for many years.

He has witnessed the downfall of many talented but ignorant young

“The dangers in the music industry have killed many young artists,” he told SunBuzz.

“Monada is a young boy with a bright future that needs to be protected.

“There are many promising young artists around the country, but some of them fail because they allow girls, alcohol and fame to drive them crazy.”

He said Monada was a blessing to the province and should control and respect himself.

“Being arrogant and not respecting fans robbed many artists of their talent,” he said.

Papa Penny urged Monada to respect his promoters and to work hard to become Mzansi’s finest artist.

“It’s unfortunate that many managers gamble with artists’ careers.

“I hope Monada’s managers will support and groom him to be the greatest.”

Papa Penny said he hoped many artists who are proud of their languages would become well known all over the world.