SHE dazzled soapie fans with her beauty and it was hard not to fall in love with her.

But Mmabatho Montsho has now opted to be more behind the scenes as a director and film-maker, instead of acting.

That is why the private and cheerful Mmabatho was taken aback when she was recently put back in the limelight.

The former Rhythm City actress posted a picture of herself all made-up on Instagram. She was trying to show off her make-up.

In the end it was not her make-up that stole people’s attention but the traditional beads around her neck and hands.

These are no ordinary beads but those given to one who has completed a traditional rite of becoming a healer.

An unfazed Mmabatho confirmed she had gone to thwasa and completed her training in 2012.

She said: “I kept it private at the time because I couldn’t handle the matter.

“I had to take a break from everything to focus on my calling.

“I’m happy it’s all done and happy to do what I’m doing, despite the sacrifices I went through.

“I believe it was all worth it as I was destined for this.”

She has had the ancestral calling since she was young.

“I had visions from a very young age and felt tremendous energy flowing in me. I knew my ancestors were talking to me.

“Initially I resisted until I couldn’t anymore. My visions and dreams just concluded everything and I knew it was time to connect.”

Mmabatho, who did not want to disclose whether she is a sangoma or an inyanga, juggles her career and ancestorial gift.