SOSO Rungqu (30) is very different from Morongwa Tau, the character she plays on Isidingo.

Morongwa easily gets mad and has no problem putting people in their place.

“I love playing Morongwa. She is a mine welder with her own agenda.

“She doesn’t keep men for long. She is crazy but is a great thinker and she has a calculating mind.”

This hardworking actress said she stayed patient and true to herself after graduating from the Tshwane University of Technology in 2004.

“I shot a dance film called Beneath the Art as the lead dancer in 2015. I appeared in Rites of Passage, Sokhulu & Partners and Rhythm City,” said Soso.

She acts in radio dramas on TruFM. And before she was an actor, she was the lead singer for different bands in her neighbourhood of Mdantsane in East London, Eastern Cape.

“Last month I performed the song I wrote, Ungandiyeki, at the Rhythm Bar in East London. This is where I still have a number of followers who love my music.”

Soso lost her father Sakhiwo two years ago.

“He was my champion. We used to watch Isidingo together and I would tell him one day he would be watching me as part of the cast.”

She said she wishes her father was still alive so that he could see that his daughter’s dream had came true.

Soso regards Isidingo as her second home. “It brings me closer to my home in the Eastern Cape,” she said.

Radio and TV personality Somizi Mhlongo is her adviser.

“He has time for me and he is genuine. He told me that, if you put your mind to something, it will happen.”

Soso draws her inspiration from Psalm 23 – many doors have been shut in the face, but she has gone back again and again.