Actor Abdul Khoza’s daughter is growing very fast and he wishes he could spend more time with her.

The Isibaya actor has been vocal about the “hardship” of not being able to see his daughter as often as he would like because of the turbulent relationship he has with her mother.

On his daughter’s 5th birthday, Abdul shared a lovely post on Instagram in which he expressed his love and desire to spend more time with her.

“All I just want to say is Happy Birthday to you my baby AZAMAHLE, it fills me with joy to know that you are growing up so fast, even though I can literally count the days I've shared with you in all those 5 years. Take good care of yourself my child and know that daddy LOVES you each and every day of his life.

 “I was hoping this Birthday for my daughter would be different than the other's. But yet again here I am another year of your life, having to send my wishes to you through social media.

“The saddest part is that you have no idea of how my relationship with you really is. I try so hard to be strong towards this hardship I face by not seeing you, but it still breaks me each and every time I call you and I find my no. Blocked as well as my call being dropped before I can even hear your voice,” he wrote. 

The 30 year-old also wrote a song for his daughter that he hopes will let her know “the truth” about their relationship and he promised to keep fighting to be in her life.