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Bonang Matheba. Photo: Instagram  ~ 

TV personality Bonang Matheba is reportedly suing the Sunday World newspaper for R10 million following their controversial cover story which alleged she was summonsed to court over tax fraud charges.


However, the star’s decision to take legal action against the publication has come under criticism from entertainment commentator Phil Mphela who called it “Ill - advised”

“Moghel should have just let this go, said Mphela on social media,  “It's tabloid and responding or suing only gives the story traction. 

“Furthermore, I dont think it is wise for her to be waging a war with journos. 

“Her influence is waning & she needs positive coverage to remain at the top.”

Mphela went on to add that the lawsuit would do more harm than good to Matheba's career.

"If this lawsuit is legit, I think it is ill-advised and will only open Bonang up to more scrutiny into her personal affairs. 

"Contrary to what many believe, even with the advent of social media, journos still have massive impact in a star's careers in SA," he said.

Matheba did not take the comments lying down.

“Go f*** yourself, seriously,” she replied. 

This is not the first time Mphela and Matheba exchange comments on social media with the two having a go at one another over her opinion splitting Glamour magazine cover appearance a few years ago.

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