Rapper Emtee’s bizarre collapse during a performance in Limpopo this past weekend has sparked widespread concern with people worried about his well-being.


Social media has been abuzz since the incident and many assume the Roll Up hit-maker was under the influence of a substance.

The rapper has, however, denied these allegations on social media tweeting: “I just fell on stage. I’m not on no drugs; I don’t have health issues either. I got back up and carried on performing.”

The Tweet was later deleted but Black Twitter kept the files as always.

That has not stopped fellow entertainers in the industry from expressing their concern as more weighed in on his situation.

“I actually spoke to Emtee this morning. It's actually deeper than what the Twitter streets perceive. But yes... for the sake of the love we have for him and his work... we must build him and not break him down,” said fellow rapper Reason.