While mourners gathered at the West Park Cemetery in Johannesburg to pay their final respect to late rapper Linda “ProKid” Mkhize, a “drunk” man caught some people’s attention.

The seemingly intoxicated man was photographed sleeping on the late Simba Mhere’s grave.

The photo of the man taking a nap on the former Top Billing presenter’s tombstone left a lot of people on Twitter unsettled.

The man was allegedly so drunk that some of his friends had to carry him out of the cemetery, not before causing a bit of a stir.

Among the people who were slamming the drunk mourner were celebrities Dj Cleo, who shared the photo on social media, and Robert Marawa, who was shocked by the photo.

“Why people feel the need to drink to a funeral in this heat, and then end up acting like this,” DJ Cleo captioned the photo of the man.