A YEAR ago, the two were bosom friends.

Nothing could come between them.

Today, a broken car window and a R13 000 debt has managed to tear their friendship apart.

DJ Tira’s ex-wife, Lale Ngcobo, and Angela Gwala, the fiance of former child star Msawawa, are at each other’s throats over an agreement that was not honoured.

According to Angela – who owns a car hire company – Lale abused her good heart and friendship.

“I’m so mad with her. I helped her as a friend and she decided to play me for a fool,” said Angela.

She said Lale came to her in July and asked to hire a car from her company for three days.

“Lale disappeared for more than a month with the car. When she finally brought it back, it had a broken window and she promised to pay for the damage and rental.”

Fuming Angela said before she gave Lale the car, she asked her when and how she was going to pay her. “She told me to relax and she assured me that I was going to be paid.”

And before I knew it, three days had turned into a month,” she added.When Daily Sun contacted Lale she muttered: “Oh my God” and hung up.

On another occasion she shouted: “It’s 2016 and you’re still doing these kind of stories. Why don’t you find other stories to report on? You annoy me.”

A month later Lale brought the car back but one window was broken.

“When I asked her about it she took back the car and said she’ll go have it fixed. Days went by. I had to call her to bring it back but the window was still not fixed. Instead she promised to pay me soon. I am still waiting,” said Angela.

She said she has since established that Lale lied about using the car for business.

“I later found out that she lied about starting a business. So, I don’t know what she used my car for,” said Angela.

After her divorce from DJ Tira Lale is said to have started many businesses including a hair salon and a recording company where she signed artists like Malini and DJ Happygal.

When Daily Sun contacted Lale and introduced themselves she muttered “Oh My God” and hung up.

When contacted again she shouted: “It’s 2016 and you are still doing these kind of stories. Why don’t you find other stories to report on? You annoy me.”