Media darling Bonang Matheba’s fans, the “Bhive” as they have come to be known, are famous for always standing up for their queen.

TV and radio presenter Dineo Ranaka recently found that out when she was dragged on Twitter by Matheba's fans for talking about their queen.

They were less than amused when they heard Ranaka calling Matheba a "straatmate" on her show with Bujy on Metro FM over the weekend.

They made sure to make their feeling known.

“Keep Bonang out of your mouth,” one of Matheba’s fans wrote.

“Imagine an entire Dineo Ranaka calling you a straatmate!” another one said.

All the while their queen was taking over New York City with her bestie and cousin Tebogo “PinkyGirl” Mekgoe at the New York Fashion Week.


Back in Mzansi, Ranaka was not taking the social media attack by the “Bhive” lying down.

She replied to one tweet, saying she would talk about Matheba as much as she wanted as she is not God.

She later deleted the tweet.