Criselda Dudumashe is a radio DJ, motivational speaker, counsellor, ex-nurse, television presenter and one of the most inspirational women in Mzansi.

With gender based violence slowly becoming an epidemic in Mzansi, the SA FM host shared details of her experience with abuse in an effort to urge women not to stay in abusive relationships.

In an Instagram post, Dudumashe shared how her abuser used to break her down emotionally in addition to physically abusing her. 

“I remember when he would call me names, slap me for not being jealous. Tell me that if I leave him no one will ever love me I'm stuck with him,” she wrote.

Had she not been brave enough to walk away from that relationship, she never would have known what real love is supposed to feel like.

“I believed in the God in me, with nothing to my name but God on my side. I had courage to walk away. God did the rest. I'm now married to my friend, cheerleader, comforter, confidante, skhokhosam, Zshap zam, my everyday crush,” she added.

To those facing similar hardships, Dudumashe encouraged them to realise their worth and not settle for anything less.

"Dear Motho, don't believe the lies, you are worthy of love and deserve better. We need to stop encouraging women to stay in loveless and dysfunctional relationships," she said.