Last night’s episode of Mzansi Magic dating show Uyangthanda Na was probably one of the most confusing so far.

Slay Queen Lerato Habiba Makgatho, appeared to turn down Kagiso Mokone, who supposedly had a crush on her, only to make a complete turnaround when Kagiso convinced her with a steamy kiss that left her begging for more.

Habiba's actions seemed way too good to be true for many on social media. People came out alleging that it was staged.

Entertainment commentator, Phil Mphela tweeted a thread accusing the show’s producers of staging the whole thing.

The fact that Habiba is an actress while Kagiso is an actor, fueled the allegations that they may have been paid to appear on the episode.

However, they strongly denied the allegations saying everything that happened on the show was genuine.

“People always have something to say about me. Yes, I am an actress but I was not acting on last night’s episode. I was also surprised when I saw Kagiso.

”Yes, I was acting strange but that had nothing to do with acting. I was just caught up in the moment” she said.

Kagiso on the other hand, claims that Habiba was completely oblivious about what was going to happen on the show.

“I wrote to the show to try find help expressing my feelings towards Habiba. I genuinely have feelings for her. She didn’t know that I was taking her to the show, we were not in cohorts,”  he explained.

He also added that he was genuinely offended when she said that he would not be able to afford her lifestyle.

Both Mnet and Parental Advisory Productions, the company that produces the show for Mzansi Magic strongly denied that the show was scripted.

Lungile Radu, the Director of Parental Advisory Productions said “There’s a call to action. We ask people to send in their requests for help expressing their feelings. People email, they call us. There’s a vetting process to check if the requests are genuine and are from people who really need help. We do this with all our cases.
“Everything people saw last night was genuine and it was a pure expression of Mzansi love. “We as a production company were just happy we were there to capture it all and bring it to the people” he said.