“Cici”, real name Busisiwe Twala, who dropped out of varsity to focus on her music career has realised that it was a mistake dating in the industry.

The award-winning singer has opened up in a an interview with Drum magazine and insists she'll never make the same mistake again. 

"...I should've stuck to the memo of never dating in the industry, it will never happen again."

Cici was engaged to a dentist when she broke in to the industry but strongly insists that her break up with the dentist had nothing to do with her relationship with Arthur.

"Our timing didn't work out. I was never home. We felt it wasn't fair to both of us because we weren't getting anything out of it. It felt necessary to go our separate ways." She told the Drum.

Cici also explains that she was not the reason behind Chomee and Arthur's break-up. 

"I would never go into a relationship with someone knowing they are still involved with someone."

Twala also said that Arthur as a very possessive and wanted to know her every move.

"I think I was different to other women he'd been with because I stood up to him. I'd say when I didn't like something."