Singer Busisiwe "Cici" Thwala says although it was not easy, she has decidedto forgive her ex lover and alleged abuser Arthur Mafokate for spreading lies about her in the media.

Mafokate laid a charge of assault against Cici, claiming she attacked him with a coat hanger and a steel chair before biting his arm.

This was after Twala had laid her own charges of assault against the Kwaito King, alleging he dragged her alongside his car and left her with multiple injuries.

The Midrand Magistrate court found Twala not guilty of the charges a few days ago and in an attempt to move past the ordeal, she has forgiven Mofokate for “all the lies.”


“Waking up in ICU after my surgery to be served by a detective with papers to a crime I never committed, my heart sunk right into my stomach,” Twala shared in an Instagram post.

“What heartless human does this to another individual? All we ever wanted as a family was a sincere apology,” she added.

Although the apology never came, Twala has decided to be the bigger person and forgive nonetheless.

“Forgiving someone who wasn’t sorry was the hardest thing to do. But today I will pronounce it I forgive you,” she concluded.