The never ending drama between perhaps two of the country’s top rappers in Cassper Nyovest and AKA seems to be threatening to reach boiling point, again.

The two foes have been at each other’s throats throughout their careers and that looks set to continue after they dashed any hopes of reconciling.

After the tragic passing of young up and coming US rapper Xxxtentacion, Cassper took to social media to share the lessons he learnt from the situation.


With rumours suggesting the young rapper’s death was a result of a rap feud, Cassper shared how he has avoided situations that could have easily ended very badly.

“I’ve been provoked so many times & n****s have come at me with that street s*** so many times. I’ve walked away every single time and I’ve been mocked and been called p**** for it.

“I am getting money & I am feeding my family. The last thing I care about is acting tough,” he said.

The Baby Girl hit-maker went on to claim that AKA had provoked him as recently as this weekend at an event and he also had a video to prove it.

“I don’t know what he’s trying to achieve with this tough act but I’m not about it. Innocent people get hurt cause of this dumb s*** he’s trying to start. I do not respect that man at all,” he told a fan on Twitter.

Cassper also said that the only reason why he did not report the incident was because the last time he did, the case got thrown out of court.