Boyznbucks, known for being fashionable trendsetters, have made a statement on their song Combo.

The nine-man group consisting of rappers, producers, DJs, designers, fashion lovers and creative pioneers, have already released the music video for the song.

After hearing breakup rumours, rapper Stilo Magolide brought them together for the new song.

It is the second time after the success of the single Mswenkofontein that they are all performing together.

Group member Riky Rick said: “We are culture leaders. Where we come from, we are the guys who wanted to do things differently, dress nicely and make different music.

“We are best friends who had to break through after sticking together for so long.”

Their new song is about their love of fashion and how they always want to make a statement whenever they go out.

It also tells the story of how they became one of the most powerful crews and how their journey wasn’t a smooth one. But because they focused on what they loved, they now are now living their dreams.

Stilo told SunBuzz they love coming up with new ways to dress.

“Combo refers to the way we put a nice outfit together. I started out as a stylist and as a group we are always fashion forward.

“The song is basically about our lifestyle.

“We love introducing new things.

“It’s always great when we come together to make music. We are all different, which makes the process interesting.

“On our songs, you will always learn some new slang we’ve come up with.”

He said people can expect more music from them but he didn’t know when, as they are all pushing hard to achieve their own goals.

Stilo said: “Our friends should look out for our work.”