Last year
Pearl Thusi (left) got dragged by Bonnie Mbuli (right).  ~ 

Television presenter, Bonnie Mbuli is very upset over Pearl Thusi’s “blackface” posts.

The queen of Twitter shade, Pearl Thusi posted a picture of herself with a dark-skinned mask on International Women’s Day last week.

She then got dragged for it by Twitter users and she decided to post even more pictures from the photo shoot with the mask on.

“And here’s the whole collection... to limit having to struggle via strolling on my super hero ish. Angeke ngizwe ngani [I won’t be controlled by you],” she tweeted.

Twitter then went into a lesson on blackface and its racial, cultural and social implications, and how wrong it was for Pearl to do what she did.

Pearl seemingly didn't care about the backlash and refused to apologise.

Bonnie then boarded the train that was dragging Pearl, calling her distasteful.

“Blackface will never be palatable, I don’t care who is “rocking it”, go argue with your concealer!” the drag started.

“It’s hugely problematic, Colourism has economic and social implications that run real deep, blackface will never be cute, artistic or creative!!!” she continued.

She went on to clarify that she was not subtweeting Pearl, but merely sharing her opinion on the matter.

“No sub sis, I shared my thoughts with Pearl after she asked if I was subtweeting her,my thoughts were clear ,that it’s blackface and it’s distasteful,” Bonnie said.

According to Wikipedia, blackface is “a form of theatrical make-up used predominantly by non-black performers to represent a black person”.

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