TV personality Bonang Matheba has been in New York City for a while now and her fans are fearing she might just decide to make the city her home.

Queen B jetted off to the States last week to moderate a discussion at the United Nations General Assembly.

She also got the chance to mingle with some of the biggest stars in the world.

Matheba left the country amid controversy regarding the tax fraud allegations against her and that coupled with the fact that she appears to be having the time of her life in New York, has led fans to believing she might be planning to move to the Big Apple.

This was not helped by the tweet the star sent which read: “My New Home, Can’t Wait!”

While Matheba did not confirm she was indeed planning to leave the country permanently - that did not stop a number of her fans from assuming that’s what the tweet meant.

A few other fans fans were quick to remind Matheba that she had an alleged “SARS debt” to settle before leaving.