The past always has a way of catching up with us, more especially now that the internet never forgets.

TV personality and rapper Boity Thulo was recently reminded of that after her old homophobic tweets resurfaced on social media.

Needless to say, the tweets caused a bit of a stir and the star has apologised for them.

One of Boity’s tweets from 2009, when she was just 19 years old read: “Ohh F*** me.. What is up with the gay shit on these soapies? Its undecided lesbians, on the other its n***** sucking tongues. Nxa.”

In another tweet, the Wuz Dat hit-maker called a gay man a “fascinating thing.”

A much older and more mature Boity took to social media to explain her old tweets.

“A decade ago, I was naive, homophobic, young and didn’t know better,” she wrote, “I was 19 and my views on sexuality were warped. 

“We grow, our views change and we do better. It’s gut wrenching and embarrassing to see them now however I am not the same person I was 10 years ago.

“I’m very sorry to every person that felt offended by those tweets,” she added.

The tweets could not have resurfaced at a worse time for the presenter turned rapper as she has just released a new single, which was well received.

Her new Impulse body spray is also set to be available in stores this month.