Media personality Basetsana Kumalo and her businessman husband Romeo have finally had their say on social media allegations against their marriage in a statement released on Saturday.

The power couple saw their marriage come under what they describe as “vicious social media attacks over the past week.”

This comes after allegations of a rimming sex tape involving a “drunk TV mogul and her husband” surfaced on social media.

The couple have identified an author as the source of the allegations they described as “false and defamatory.”

The pair also revealed in the statement that they have gone on to lay criminal charges against those they believe to be involved in spreading the rumours that have caused “immeasurable” harm on a “personal, emotional and professional level.”

They added that it was not easy to remain silent on these rumours for as long as they did.

“It has been enormously challenging to remain silent over the past week. Our silence thus far has not been because there is any merit or truth in these allegations – but simply because we have been so deeply shocked and hurt by the salacious content and manner in which it has been recklessly shared and spread.

“But today is when we break the silence. We feel it is our duty to take a stand – both against the individuals involved in spreading these baseless allegations and also, against all those keyboard warriors who so swiftly jump on the bandwagon to share harmful content about others – without considering the long-term harm this can cause,” the couple said.

They went on to say that they hope this would serve as example to others who have made it a norm to start baseless rumours that have a negative impact on other people’s images and all-round well-being.

“It is our hope that in taking a public stand against this type of malicious and reckless behaviour, we will send a strong message to all those who regularly and carelessly share false and harmful information about others without fact-checking or considering the tremendous harm to be caused on a personal, professional and reputational level.”

Read the full statement below: