Being a celebrity isn’t always as nice as many would assume and the ever present spotlight means certain standards have to be maintained.

Gqom Queen Babes Wodumo feels twice as much pressure because she is a Pastor’s Kid, which can be stressful on its own.

The Wololo hitmaker who has received her fair share of unwanted attention in the past few months, opened up about the added pressure that comes with being a Pastor’s Kid.

Speaking on Afternoon Express, the 23 year-old explained how difficult it is to cope with the title of being a Preacher’s daughter.

"It's not okay the way PKs are treated. It really puts a strain on you,” she said.

“It affects everyone too, like if these parents are angry at my actions, then they don't give at church which puts a strain on my family."

Babes, whose real name is Bongekile Simelane, also revealed that the title means people will always question her behaviour.

"To be a PK is not easy at all. It is really hard because Christians are always watching.

“The other time, a woman in the church told my mother that her child said she saw me at the club.

 All I asked my mother was, 'what was her child doing at the club in the first place when she saw me?”

The star’s family, however, are one of her biggest support systems and were of the first people to come to her defence when the abuse allegations were brought to light in a manner many thought was “inappropriate.”