TELEVISION personality Andile Ncube started his year on a sad note when he lost his close friend Akhumzi Jezile, who passed away tragically in a car accident on April 28 while travelling with friends to bury his grandmother in the Eastern Cape.

While some people hold out the hope that they will one day see their departed loved ones, Andile has taken to social media to voice out how he feels about the loss of both his dad and Akhumzi, saying he doesn’t hold out the hope that he will ever see them again, because he doesn’t believe in life after death.

 In an emotional post, the star made his views on life after death clear when he wrote: “I don’t believe in life beyond the grave, I don’t believe there’ll be a reunion in the afterlife or a heavenly welcome party in my honour, hosted by my Dad, Akhumzi or even my beloved grandmother. I truly believe that this life, this one short and inauspicious lifetime is all we have and that keeps me up at night because I’ve had to make peace with the fact that this is all you and I had”.