5 months ago
Senzo Radebe is enjoying moving from acting to spinning the decks.  ~ 

Senzo Radebe has swapped being in front of the camera for moving in behind the decks.

The 24-year-old, who goes by the name of SenzoRah when deejaying, has been a fitness trainer and actor and now is making music as well.

He has just started his journey as a DJ, which he is excited to finally try out.

He hopes to bring something fresh to the scene, saying he will make sure when he plays music that people enjoy themselves.

“Building my brand as a DJ, my focus is to be creative and keep up with the times. I want to bring elements that other DJs do not, like scratching and things that set me apart.

“I learn by speaking to other DJs, because for one to discover new things you have to see how people are doing things, and then work on your skills.

“People are not well informed about composers for film and TV and how much they earn, and that is where my interest in owning a production studio started.”

He told SunBuzz he has always loved music and the process of making it, but his first love was acting.

“I have discovered things about music and what to do and what not to. Being a DJ was always part of the plan but I did not know when to start. Now is perfect, because I’m not shooting all the time as I used to.”

SenzoRah said he will be playing hip hop and R&B.

“My plan is to grow my brand as a DJ, and when all falls into place I will start with music production for TV.”

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