ISSA Goddess doesn’t have to show her boobs or bum to get attention.

The 21-year-old, whose real name is Zinzyswa Mayekiso, has about 170 000 followers on Instagram.

She said her lively personality is all she needs to stand out.

Issa is from Tembisa in Ekurhuleni.

She said she has always wanted to be famous.

“Growing up I saw myself as a mini-Beyonce. I always liked attention but I didn’t think I would get this far.”

Although a lot of her followers think she’s rich, she told SunBuzz she’s just a normal girl ekasi who doesn’t wear expensive name brands.

She said her social media page caught the attention of various local brands that signed her up as their brand ambassador.

Issa said people always ask her why she’s so happy and carefree.

“I tell my followers to be themselves at all times because changing their identity to impress people won’t work.

“Instead it’ll make them forget who they are.”

She said many girls don’t think they are beautiful because they lack confidence.

“People should just be themselves. I’m still myself, regardless of the number of followers I have.”

Her dream is some day to have her own talk show. She said the first topic on the show would be about confidence.

“Know your worth. Not everyone will see beauty in you but if you love yourself the way you are, and have confidence, it won’t matter what other people think of you.”

The social media star is studying journalism and has a YouTube reality show called Gram with Zinzy.

Her manager, Charma Maluleka. said she’s not just an ordinary girl.

“She’s like Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathosa rolled into one.

“Her talent is amazing because she is natural, with no filters,” he said.