Asanda Foji plays the innocent Simphiwe on Generations: The Legacy. Photo by Portia Moyo
Asanda Foji plays the innocent Simphiwe on Generations: The Legacy . Photo by Portia Moyo
Denise Zimba who plays Mary is confirmed to be leaving Generations The Legacy. Photo by Supplied by SABC 1

ASANDA Foji didn’t know about her axing from Generations-The Legacy until Daily Sun contacted her.

The actress who plays Simphiwe, Mazwi Moroka’s wife on the soapie, had been denying rumours that her contract hadn’t been renewed.

Before the release of a statement that she and Denise Zimba, who plays Mary, were leaving the show, she told the People’s Paper: “These rumours have been going around for months now. I really hate this. I wish this could stop because you guys are stressing me out.

“I don’t understand why people keep saying these things because my contract hasn’t even been negotiated,” said Simphiwe.

“Can we all just wait until October when the decisions are made and when we all know what’s going on with my contract?”

But just four hours later a confused Simphiwe said: “What? I don’t know what you are talking about. I have not been told that. Maybe my agent is going to call me about that. I just don’t understand what’s going on.”

Before hanging up, Simphiwe said she would be fine and thanked Daily Sun for telling her the news.

The Eastern Cape-born actress was one of the new cast who replaced the axed 16 Generations’ actors.

Executive producer Mfundi Vundla said that he wished Simphiwe well.

There were also rumours that the contracts of Lebogang Mthunzi and Ivy Nkutha’s hadn’t been renewed.

Gaaratwe Mokhethi, publicist for Generations-The Legacy said: “We would like to deny the claims that Lebogang, who plays Angela, and Ivy, who plays Gog’Flo, are leaving the soapie. The allegations are false as these two actress will still be part of the cast.”