Pendo Masote plays his violin. Photo by Kutlwano Masote

PENDO Masote is  following in the footsteps of his musical family.

This 11-year-old violinist is from a family of famous musicians and composers. His father is Kutlwano Masote and his grandfather is Matlhaela Masote.

Pendo’s interest in music started early in life because he grew up in a family that lived and breathed the arts.

Speaking to SunBuzz, he said: “I started playing the violin when I was five years old. I love the violin and watching my grandfather, who started his orchestra. He inspired me and taught me how to play.”

His dad Kutlwano plays the cello and was also taught by Matlhaela.

Asked if the family put any pressure on Pendo to play, Kutlwano said: “Pendo loves music. Even before he was born, he would move each time the violin was played while he was in his mum’s stomach.

“I think the fact that there are so many musicians in the family also pushes him. Our aim is to support him so I don’t think there’s any pressure at all.”

Pendo takes part in every available musical activity at his school, The Ridge, where he is in grade 5. Pendo has received some of the school’s top music, sporting and other prizes.

Asked what he enjoys most about playing his instrument, he said:

“I enjoy listening to my sound and listening to the intonation. I am always trying to find what I can fix with my sound.”

He has also participated in the Soweto Junior Orchestra.

“Last year, Pendo was honoured to play for the late Dr Myles Munroe at the annual EPL memorial lecture in Phokeng.

“And he was invited back to play at Lebone II College of the Royal Bafokeng as part of their arts and culture celebration,” said his proud dad.

Pendo’s biggest dream is to perform on world stages with the best in the musical world.

He has won numerous awards, including Best Violinist in the 12 years and under category at the Joburg Festival for the Advancement of Music last year.

He also won second prize in his age group at the Philip H Moore competition for classically trained students in solo performances.