Rose Kgosinkwe, Theo Kgosinkwe. Photo: kHAYA NGWENYA Photo by
Musician Melo is signed to Theo Kgosinkwe’s record label. Photos supplied

FAME and a happy marriage don’t always go together.

Mafikizolo’s Theo is said to be at odds with his wife . . .


Sunday Sun has learnt that the talented musician and his wife Rose are allegedly having marital problems.

A family member revealed that the Kgosinkwe marriage has taken a nosedive – and Rose blames Theo’s busy schedule – as well as Melo who signed with his label, 360 Degrees.

A friend close to the family claimed: “Theo is no longer interested in his wife. You can see that there is serious tension between them. They no longer wear their wedding

bands – and clearly, their love chemistry is lost!”

According to this source, Rose tried to bring family elders in to mediate in the marital

“Things are so bad that Rose asked her pastors to convene a meeting with her and Theo – to try and sort their marital

“Rose accused Theo of spending too much time with Melo. She suspects those two are mixing business with pleasure!

“We understand Theo tries to push Melo’s talent. But his wife also needs attention. Rose is
always in tears, and it’s so sad to see her in such a state,” said the friend.

Another source claimed Theo and Rose no longer talk about their relationship – they just
argue about Melo.

“Let’s hope they patch things up. Because we don’t want them to become another celebrity
marriage doomed to fail!”

Rose said: “I appreciate your concern, but I can’t talk about my private life to the media.”

Asked if she was still married, Rose said: “Like I said, I don’t talk about my life to the media.”

Theo and Melo didn’t answer our calls or SMSes. When we got hold of Theo and Melo’s manager, Modise Kgomo, he said: “Please, don’t kill my boy.”