Kaylow has released his debut album, Reach Out.

SINGER Kaylow’s songs have been played on radio stations across the country.

His real name is Kelello Segoana and he comes from Potchefstroom, North West.

He has been on the music scene since 2010 and has worked with HHP, Vinny da Vinci, DJ Christos and Tim White.

Recently, Kaylow released his debut album, Reach Out.

The CD has 14 tracks.

His songs include Difference (with Darque), What About (with Rocco), Having You Around (with Nastee Nev), Searching (with Reelsoul), Ready For The World (with Black Coffee and Darque) and Out There (with Da Capo). He says he plans to collaborate with other big names in the future.

The young singer’s voice ensures that his fan base is growing all the time. Speaking to SunBuzz, the Nothing Better hitmaker said he is not just a vocalist.

“I’m a songwriter first and foremost.

“I write mostly love songs and I hope I offer something unique to today’s pop-obsessed music market.

“I know how to brighten up songs and I’m sure I have the talent to be great,” he said.

“I’m passionate about music. The most exciting thing about my work is hearing how much of a difference it makes in people’s lives.

“If I can raise someone’s spirit, I’m happy.”

Kaylow said he would describe his music as an expression of his heart.

“I’ve transformed a lot of sounds into soul and R&B,” he said.