Dj Fresh.
DJ and 5FM morning breakfast show host has allegedly gotten fresh with his manager, Tsholo Mosaka.

THE cat’s allegedly out of the bag!

It is claimed that DJ Fresh has a love child . . .


Sunday Sun can reveal today that internationally acclaimed DJ and 5FM morning breakfast show host has allegedly gotten fresh with his manager, Tsholo Mosaka.

Friends close to the situation claimed that DJ Fresh, real name Thato Sekwane, and his long-term manager used to share more than just work.

It is alleged that they have a four-year-old boy together.

Earlier this year, DJ Fresh, also known as “Big Dawg”, and his wife, Thabiso Sekwane, announced on social
media they were expecting
baby number three.

Several friends close to him, who spoke to the People’s Paper, claimed DJ Fresh’s affair with Tsholo dates back to the early 2000s, when she was still a student in Pretoria.

A source said Tsholo met DJ Fresh through a competition on campus.

“That was the beginning of their affair,” claimed the source.

The source added Tsholo has been a part of DJ Fresh’s life ever since, even when he dated TV presenter Penny
Lebyane, Tsholo was around.

The source claimed Penny had her suspicions, but couldn’t do much about it. Everyone knew about it, the source said. “She used to wear his baggy Fubu top.”

The source revealed Tsholo started working with DJ Fresh as his PA and gradually became his manager.

“She’s good at the job,” the source said.

The source claimed Tsholo bragged that DJ Fresh bought her the best hub caps in town and that her car was always nicely pimped.

The source added Tsholo fell pregnant, but kept quiet about it. “Most people close to DJ Fresh know about Tsholo and the baby.”

According to our source, when Tsholo was pregnant, DJ Fresh went to her home town, in North West, to consult with elders about doing things right.

“DJ Fresh is a decent guy who takes responsibility for his actions. I doubt he’s hiding the baby from his wife.”

Another source said they’re not sure if DJ Fresh paid ilobolo and damages.

“All we know is he’s acknowledged the baby and the boy looks like him,” claimed the source.

Sunday Sun understands DJ Fresh took his wife and Tsholo on a boat cruise last year where Tsholo allegedly had a fallout with him and was crying.

“Even at gigs, she gets jealous if DJ Fresh starts taking photos with younger and hotter girls,” the source claimed.

Another source said Thabiso is aware of the child and has left her job to accompany him to gigs.

The source claimed Tsholo once threw DJ Fresh a surprise birthday party, but Thabiso had a surprise party planned at the same time in Rivonia – and most people ended up at Thabiso’s party.

Yesterday Tsholo said: “I don’t know what to say. Please call him. You can go ahead and open a can of worms.”

Thabiso said: “Who told you? If you don’t tell me the name of the source, I won’t be able to help you. I cant help you.”

DJ Fresh was in Botswana yesterday and his phone was on voicemail.