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6 women who will inspire your new hairstyle!
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Jon Snow is not a woman, I know, but his hair is the level of perfection I aspire to, including his showy Game of Thrones Season 7 man bun.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, we are living in an age where having a bad hair day might earn you a few memes on the internet. You don’t want to get it wrong if you can help it, and with Showmax as the perfect accessory to your next trip to the salon, catch up with some of your favourite characters who might inspire your new hairstyle. Even if it is Jon Snow. No judging here.

During your next trip to the salon, watch these on Showmax and borrow a thing or two from these 6 women.

Kim Kardashian

Telling people you don’t keep up with the Kardashians and expecting some sort of applause is not cute anymore. Ahem, be cool, be cool. If you are looking for something trendy, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is exactly the kind of show to watch in the salon because Kim Kardashian is basically a walking hair mural. She’s debuted a number of hairstyles that have gone viral in seconds – from her straight and sleek Pocahontas hair to her most recent platinum blonde Khaleesi do. Here is a woman who can do anything to her hair and make it work. Watch now »

Hilary Duff

Younger is a breath of fresh air, oh, and it has given us Josh and Charles and their chiseled jaw lines. But it has also given us Kelsey Peters (Hilary Duff) whose entire wardrobe belongs in a fashion museum. Does anyone ever notice her hair though? I don’t know what all those fancy hairstyles she rocks are called, but a cute braided ponytail is in the mix in there somewhere. Also Liza Miller as a 40-year-old mom pretending to be a 26-year old brings her own share of Millennial hairstyles to make you look younger. So go ahead and watch Younger at your next salon visit: Kelsey Peters approves.

Issa Rae 

Issa Rae may be that awkward black girl in Insecure but if there’s one thing about her that never disappoints, it’s her versatile natural hair. Whether it’s the twisted faux-hawk look, a twisted crown or chic puffs and cornrows, Issa slays it all. She also proves that throwing a little bit of colour in it gives it the “groove” it needs to get men with full beards like Daniel looking her way. After all, her personal hairstylist is none other than the hair whisperer Felicia Leatherwood. If you feel Issa’s short natural hair, go ahead, watch Insecure and steal it, girl.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz’s hair has always had a life of its own, quite bohemian, a quality she brings to the Emmy-winning show Big Little Lies as free-spirited yogi Bonnie Carlson. And there she goes again with those washed-up bohemian braids of hers. If you are looking for a bold but classy hairstyle, watch out for Zoe Kravitz on Big Little Lies, she’ll even teach you a thing or two about dancing with your hips.

Oh, and did you see her look on the Emmys 2017 red carpet? A pixie cut has never looked so glamorous. Some inspiration for your big chop, no?

Boity Thulo

Do yourself a favour and scroll through Boity’s Instagram pictures: her hairstyles are impeccable, from pretty pink short hair to a sleek ponytail that accentuates her facial features. There’s more of Boity’s hairstyles in the soap opera Rockville, which is about two families embroiled in an unending feud, also featuring South Africa’s sweetheart Connie Ferguson, another hair icon to emulate.

Nandi Madida

Nandi Madida’s short hair is a work of art, from her tapered haircuts to the fashionable head wraps we can’t get enough of. To copy some of her gorgeous hairstyles, catch Nandi as Zokuthula in The Road, an epic love story where the past and the present collide.

 Watch Showmax with free Wi-Fi at a salon near you!

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