4 months ago
6 shows to watch while getting your hair done

If I had a dollar for every time I eavesdropped on other people’s conversations in the hair salon, I’d comfortably sustain a pizza diet for a year.

And throw in a few bottles of wine while I’m at it. I know how this sounds but this isn’t a cry for help, guys. It’s just that some people find the need to share too much information in the salon.

And perhaps you’ve had enough of Susan’s tales of how she now owns 10 cats (let it be known that I have nothing against cats, my mother owns one).

A journey to the salon is meant to be therapeutic, and sometimes you just want to be left alone to your devices no matter how juicy the gossip around you is.

Well, what if you could watch your favourite show while getting your hair done? All you need is your smartphone or tablet and Wi-Fi, then log on to Showmax and voila, you can now watch your reality series, dramas and comedies, just like the guilty-pleasure shows below.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Jane the Virgin

Mariah’s World

Real Housewives of Atlanta 

Saints and Sinners

Rich Kids 

Don’t have Showmax yet? Get your 14 day free trail by clicking HERE .

Also find out where to watch Showmax with free Wi-Fi while getting your hair done. See full salon list here

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