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6 shows to watch when getting a weave
Kelly Rowland with and without a weave  ~ 

There's this group somewhere on the internet calling itself M.A.W.E (Men Against Weaves). Yes, it’s a real group!

Imagine if we all formed groups of everything we didn’t like. 

The shortcomings of this strange world aside, every woman who rocks a weave or extensions knows that attaching them involves a very time-consuming process.

You might need something to do with your time and prevent boredom as your hair stylist gets busy with all those keratin waxes, clip-ins, braiding and whatever it is they do to the hair before they unleash the final product.

How about watching your favourite show on Showmax to keep you entertained all the way?

If your hair salon doesn’t have Wi-Fi to allow you to stream on Showmax, did you know you can also download your shows before heading to the salon and watch them once you get there?

You can also watch Showmax with free Wi-Fi at a salon near you! See full list of salons here

Here are some of our favourite picks from Showmax to keep you busy while getting a weave or hair extensions:

Devious Maids

The only thing better than your hair stylist getting it right is hanging out with the conniving women in Devious Maids. They may be maids but they are also the bosses who run the block, with just the right amount of dirt on everyone to keep you going. Who knows, you might even learn a trick or two on how to always be two steps ahead of the game.

Being Mary Jane

Being Mary Jane is the kind of show that will tune you to the right mood to make that salon visit worthwhile. First of all, who can get bored in the presence of eye candy like Andre, David, Sheldon and Cutty Buddy? Mary Jane sure knows how to pick ‘em. She will give you drama, heartache and even some fashion statements and hairstyles you can borrow. Watch now »

Sex and the City

Before Sarah Jessica Parker disappeared into the obscurity of mundane roles in movies that no one remembers, she was Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. With her three friends, Carrie takes us through the tumultuous dating scene in New York while also serving us with fashion statements that would last for decades. A TV character has never singlehandedly revolutionised the fashion industry the way Carrie Bradshaw did.

Grey’s Anatomy

No one plays with your emotions like Shonda Rhimes, and Grey’s Anatomy is a wrecking ball that will not spare even your most guarded feelings. Meredith Grey and her colleagues at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will take you through the ups and downs of their demanding profession while trying to balance their personal lives. With 11 seasons currently available on Showmax, you should have something to keep you busy every time you visit the hair salon. That’s six months’ worth of entertainment unless you are a binger like me – then it should last you one whole month. 

iNumber Number

Based on the award-winning crime and corruption drama film of the same name, iNumber Number takes you right into the heart of warfare, law and order and justice as two “brothers’” trust in each other is shaken to the core. Trust me, you will not resist getting pulled into a world of crime with this one. 


Human beings are defined by friendships and togetherness, as we can see in South African miniseries Society. Labeled by some as Africa’s Sex and the City, Society revolves around four affluent women who had drifted apart but reunite when one of their friends commits suicide. When they come together to help the family to grieve, they rekindle their bonds and realise that they truly need each other.

Don’t have Showmax yet? Start your free trial by clicking »HERE»

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