TROUBLE is again hot on the heels of Afro-house newbie, TNS.

The artist (real name Nkazimulo Ngema) from Mandeni, KZN, faces a possible lawsuit of R5 million from Charlie Communications boss, Ngcebo Mdima.

The public relations guru’s attorneys have sent a letter of demand to the My Dali hitmaker for breach of contract.

TNS signed a three-year contract with Charlie Communications after he controversially dumped the record label of award-winning house music producer and DJ, Prince Kaybee, early this year.

According to the letter of demand seen by the SunTeam and sent to TNS by Ngcebo’s lawyer, Yanga Giyose of Giyose Attorneys, the producer signed a contract stating Charlie Communications would handle the artist’s affairs.

This is how Charlie would’ve also recouped his financial investment to grow the TNS brand.

Charlie’s effort included plugging and shooting a music video for the single, My Dali.

This also included handling the artist’s bookings for gigs.

Charlie was instructed by TNS to manage his finances and collect his royalties from the hits, Club Controller and Banomoya, among the songs he produced with Prince Kaybee.

The letter also states Sony Music Entertainment approached TNS without engaging Charlie.

From the said new deal, TNS was allegedly set to drop his latest album with Sony in September.

When approached for comment, Ngcebo confirmed the possible lawsuit.

Insisted Ngcebo: “There’s a three-year contract that wasn’t terminated. This means Charlie could’ve made R5 million in total from endorsements to sponsorships and gigs nationally and internationally, including adverts.

“We had already planned and were speaking to potential brands that were keen to come on board.”

But Ngcebo said he wasn’t bitter about how things had turned out between Charlie and TNS.

“It’s a matter of principle. I was disappointed, as I’d made him our top priority and froze other artists who had consulted us way before him,” said Ngcebo.

“He used to burn impepho in my house, saying he was thanking his late grandfather. He’d even take my red meat and put it next to impepho at night, saying his grandfather was hungry. Who can stand that?

“I’m teaching him a lesson not to mess with people. I’m not Prince Kaybee, he won’t get away with it.”

TNS refused to comment.

Yanga confirmed that they have sent the letter of demand and were still waiting for a response from TNS.