10 months ago
Sizwe Nyawose shows the prints on the rock that they claim belong to Jesus and his donkey. Photo by Sicelo Mkhithi  ~ 

FOR years the residents have believed that footprints on a rock bring them good luck because they are the footprints of Jesus.

The residents of KwaShobashobane, near Port Shepstone, KZN believe the footprints at the KwaGcubha River were left by Jesus when the earth was created.

They said a rock is something that only God can create and no human being can leave a footprint on it.

Christian residents visit the rock to pray and ask for good fortune from God.

Resident Sipho Mchunu (67) said he first saw the footprint when he was 10 years old but when he told his elders they told him the footprints have been there for a long time.

Mzwakhe Ngwazi (61) believes Jesus was there with a donkey.

“We are not sure what he did here. We just believe that he left his footprint and the donkey’s footprint as well.”

A local induna, Muziwenkani Nyawose (65) said the footprints have been there for about 100 years.

“People who grew up in the area know about the footprints. We would appreciate it if these footprints could be analysed,” he said.

Deputy director Annie Radford of the Amafa provincial heritage agency said they are aware that communities in southern KZN have attached meaning to formations like these found in the rocks along river banks.

Amafa doesn’t have specific information on this particular site, she said, but she would encourage research into these sites and their significance to communities there.

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