HE’S known as the rapper who brings something fresh to the hip hop scene.

And now he’ll bring a bundle of joy into the world.

According to sources, Big Zulu (real name Siyabonga Nene) started having an affair with PR guru Bulelwa Nazo while still living with his baby mama, Lebogang Makenete.

Said our mole: “Big Zulu and Bulelwa started seeing each other casually.

“No one expected them to last. And when we saw the baby bump, we knew it was getting serious.

“When asked about the affair, they laughed it off and hoped people would forget about it. Now, they’re in a dilemma, as Big Zulu has fixed his issues with the baby mama.”

When called for comment, Big Zulu told the SunTeam he didn’t cheat on his baby mama with Bulelwa.

He said they got pregnant while he and his baby mama were separated.

“Whatever happened between me and her happened, and yes, Bulie is pregnant with my child.

“I told my baby mama that I’m expecting a child with Bulie and that all of this happened while we were separated and she understands that.

“We’re cool now, we sorted out our differences,” he said.

The source said the award-winning rapper was happy when he found out Bulelwa was carrying his son.

“He was so delighted because this will be his first son. He has three girls already. They’re going to name their son Shaka.”

Another source said Bulelwa is so happy she’s not worried about the baby mama finding out.

“Bulelwa is supportive of Big Zulu. I think that’s why they lasted so long,” said the second source.Even at the hip-hop awards she went and was supportive as when he was performing and collecting the award, her friend kept on calling her, Mrs. Zulu. Big Zulu and Bulelwa’s friends know not to say anything about this, it was unfortunate that the baby mama found out. Or else they were going to keep on hiding their affair,” said the source.

Big Zulu said Bulie has never done anything for him when it comes to his career, he does everything for himself, and she didn’t push him. “I never collected an award at the South African Hip-hop Awards because I was backstage that’s another lie. I told my baby mama I’m expecting a child with Bulie and that all of this happened while we were separated and she understood. We’re cool now we’ve sorted our differences out, so I don’t know where you got all of that,” he said. Bulelwa confirmed she is pregnant. She said they have been dating for four-and-a-half months.

“But she denied they have been dating behind the baby mama’s back. Big Zulu and the baby mama had broken up,” she said.

She said they haven’t decided on the name yet.

“I still have to consult my family,” she said.

Lebogang was not available for comment as her phone was off.