Tshepiso Dumasi is a leadership coach, founder and director of the Tshepiso Dumasi Foundation.

Through his book Uncovered, he dissects the topic of leadership from a biblical perspective.

He shares deeply personal stories about his tough upbringing which, among others, led him to discover his leadership qualities and purpose.

He provides an accommodating viewpoint on leadership.

This anchored on the fact that everyone is born a leader.

In the 10-chapter book, he provides simple, practical and relatable points on how one can discover their leadership qualities.

Each chapter ends with a reflection page with questions for readers to answer and reflect upon as they hone in their leadership skills.

In the book he touches on topics like vision, integrity, potential, breaking cultural and societal norms, adapting to change and more.

He provides a broader definition of leadership beyond just being a boss in the workplace but a leader in a family context and self-leadership, where one takes responsibility for their actions plus being intentional about self-development.

Tshepiso uses touching stories about his life to encourage others to rise above their challenges.

Stories like his successful Mount Kilimanjaro climb, overcoming a life of crime as a teenager, an abusive childhood at the hands of close family members and navigating his career in corporate SA before setting up his foundation.