Operation Siyadudula found 24 coffins in Orange Groove during raids done by the operation.

The Siyadudula operation general secretary, Benjamin Chisari said they were raiding houses looking for drugs, houses used for prostitution and any other illegal  activities that residents of Orange  groove have been complaining about.

 Benjamin said when they got to the house, they found a caretaker who’s been working there for three years.

“He gave us permission to search the house and when we opened one of the rooms, we found coffins,” said Benjamin.

 “We had no idea we’d find coffins. We thought we might find drugs as tipped off but we were in for a shock,” he added.

Benjamin also told Daily Sun that when they asked the caretaker about them, he said he was just a worker who was just sticking to his job.

Daily Sun spoke to the JMPD spokesman, Wyne Minnaar, who confirmed that 24 coffins were found.

”The matter is with the police," said Minnaar.