I AM a 24-year-old guy and I live with my brother and his wife. 

My brother travels a lot for work and I’m often left alone in the house with his wife.

I once kissed her and things have got out of hand since then. When my brother is away, I sleep with his wife. 

I can’t walk away from this as I think I’m in love with her. I care about my brother and I don’t want to hurt him in this way. Please help.

 - Confused


Hey Man

You’re having an affair with your brother’s wife and that’s one of the deepest betrayal a family member can inflict on another, especially when that person has opened up their home to help you. 

Allowing this to happen is a sign of disrespect to the man you call your brother. 

You are both adults and it’s important to not allow lust to control you at the expense of someone else’s heartache.